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System Overview

The Walsc External Wall Cladding System consists of reinforced Nasahi AAC Panel 75mm Light installed vertically as shown onto continuous horizontal steel top hats which fixed to the structural frame. 

Walsc AAC Adhesive is applied to the vertical edges where there are adjoining panels. The external wall is finished using a Walsc approved coating system.

The Walsc External Wall Cladding System is suitable for use in bushfire prone areas since it meets the most extreme bushfire category BAL-FZ. This is achieved by having an FRL greater than 30/30/30 as required by Clause 9.4.1(c) of AS3959:2018.

Lightweight and strong

NCC/BCA compliant

Easy to Transport

Outstanding performance

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System Overview

A Tested & Certified Product

Designed & Tested
in Australia

Our AAC panel systems are tested and assessed locally in Australia for compliance with the requirements of the building codes of Australia. This ensures that Walsc AAC Panel Systems provide confidence and certainty to regulatory authorities and to our clients. The Walsc External Wall Cladding System and Inter-tenancy Wall Systems 50mm & 75mm Light have been accredited CodeMark Certification (CM40331, CM40332) via CertMark in Australia. 

Walsc External Wall Cladding System 50mm and 75mm Light CodeMark Certificate (CM40331) 

Walsc Inter-tenanacy System 50mm & 75mm Light CodeMark Certificate (CM40332) 

Our Benefits

Benefits of Walsc AAC Panel Systems

Walsc AAC Panel Systems are designed to provide a superior wall and floor solution. Its excellent airborne noise transmission properties result in a quieter, more comfortable home at a significantly reduced cost compared with concrete or brick.

Fire Resistance

AAC material has earned a reputation for its outstanding fire-resistant properties. It is non-combustible and offers the best fire-resistant performance among any building material currently on the market. In case of fire, it does not release toxic gases and smokes or drip burning materials and prevents spreading of fire.

Eco- Friendly

All the ingredients contained in the reinforced Nasahi AAC Panel are natural and toxic-free which also means no pollutant and toxic gases will be generated during the manufacture and installation. Even the scrap material that is produced during the utilisation can be recycled.

Acoustic Insulation

Reinforced Nasahi AAC Panel is proven to be an extraordinary acoustic insulation material by building a defence against external noise pollution. Its sound insulation value is greater than other materials of the same weight.

Strong & Durable

Reinforced Nasahi AAC Panel enhances the strength and security by combining with the corrosion protected steel, the durability is quite similar to concrete.

Compliance Assured

The wall systems have been accredited CodeMark Certification and all systems are undergoing continuous testing by NATA accredited laboratory to ensure its compliance with various requirements especially in fire resistance and acoustic insulation.

Thermal Insulation

The low thermal conductivity along with thermal mass gives the reinforced Nasahi AAC Panel high R-values. These thermal efficiencies reduce energy costs by eliminating the original reliance on cooling and heating appliances.

Fast Construction

Panelised Walsc AAC products with flat packed delivery remarkably contribute to the speed of construction. It enables laborers to install much more square footage of AAC than that of traditional masonry materials within the same period of time, promoting the efficiency during the entire lifetime of the project.

Technical Support

We offer sales services, technical advice and support to meet the satisfaction. We actively cooperate with our customers to ensure the project is completed smoothly.


Design &
Installation Guide

Wall system details and technical related information including construction details can be found from the design installation guide.

Design & Installation Guide

External Wall Cladding System 75 Light

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