Solid, reinforced, tested, accredited and approved wall and flooring systems

Walsc AAC Panel Systems

The wall and flooring solutions in Walsc AAC Panel Systems are perfectly suited to low-rise and multi-residentials buildings plus apartments or commercial buildings.

Low-rise &
Multi-Residential Buildings

For the house, duplex, and townhouse low-rise residential building, Walsc offers cost-effective, secure, and solid external cladding, party/inter-tenancy wall and flooring systems to your projects.

External Wall
External Wall Cladding System 75 Light
External Wall Cladding System 50
Inter-tenacy Wall System 75 Light
Inter-tenancy Cladding System 50
Flooring (Low-rise)
AAC Flooring System

Apartment &
Commercial Buildings

Walsc offers large wall types in the apartment and commercial buildings to suit the fire and acoustic requirements in your building.

Facade Wall System
External Wall
Internal Wall Systems

Our Product Brochures

Design and Installation Guide for each system and some of the selected documents are available for download.

AAC Block & Accessories

A range of Walsc accessories to accompany the perfect wall and flooring solution for any application.

AAC Block

AAC Block


Walsc AAC Adhesive
Panel Adhesive Pump (PAP)
Party Wall Bracket
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